Judith Augustinovic


skinship cercado de borborletas cinzas
work in progress seit 2011:
Räumliche Installation mit Stapeln von Schürzen, alias Hautverhüllung,
repräsentiert die Relationalität von 4 weiblichen Generationen einer Familie.

Instalação Culinária Performativa
work em progress. colaboração desde 2013 com Thaïs Gomes de Medeiros.
Artistic Research e criação de um livro de arte de culinária com inspiração nos orixás, ilustradas com as ações artísticas e/ou festividades tradicionais em que estas serão oferecidas ao público no âmbito uma intervenção espacial e espiritual ...

sissi _ doce de facto.
Qual é o verdadeiro sabor do doce? Redescobrindo nosso paladar ...
Pesquisa artística e projeto educacional gerando consciência sobre alimentos, particular sobre doce, e os efeitos, e produção artesanal de doces orgânicos, sem açúcar, adoçantes artificiais ou aditivos
skinship n° one: Hautnah. 2008 'Networked Cultures' at Open Space. Zentrum für Kunstprojekte. Vienna
Vestimentary Installation.
In springerin / Hefte für Gegenwartskunst

skinship n° zero - 2006 at A Gentil Carioca, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Photo Series on the pregnant body uniformed in the queer crowd at the beach of Ipanema.

Transcutaneous – Material Phenomenon of Limitation - 2005; PhD at the Institute of Art and Design, University of Technology, Vienna.
Based on contemporary spatial installations with elastic limitations – the transcutaneous skins – space is researched as extension of the body. This physical and sensual perception of space as an event is commented and supported by science, in particular philosophy, as well as literary, dramaturgic and autobiographic texts.

selection of projects until 2004 * in collaboration with Herbert Stattler

skin 2004. from the individual to an undefined space, always an extension of one's own body
Theaterhaus Stuttgart / Germany and Opèra de Lille / France

Theatrical installation. In collaboration with Luciano Suardi. With Ralitza Malehounova, Dorothea Reinhold and Galin Stoev.
Music/Sound Edgardo Rudnitzky. Text Marcelo Bertuccio
Coproduction Akademie Schloss Solitude, Musik der Jahrhunderte and Lille 2004.
Made possible thanks to the support of Deutsche Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

skin 2003. from the individual to an undefined space, always an extension of one's own body
Akademie Schloss Solitude Stuttgart / Germany
Theatrical Installation
In collaboration with Luciano Suardi. With Maria Colusi, Dorothea Reinhold and Galin Stoev.

vanilla-space – 2003, Sinne und Sinnlichkeit at Collegium Hungaricum / Berlin, and Vermessen at Akademie Schloss Solitude / Stuttgart
Installation made of latex and Performance
Performance Berlin: Rosiris Garrido
Das weiche Wunderland riecht nicht nach Vanille

in.aus.nach.salzburg - 2003/2004, amongst Ringturm/Vienna, Napoleonstadl/Klagenfurt, Kunstverein/Salzburg
Exhibition design for touring architectural exhibition
Locations amongst Ausstellungszentrum Ringturm/Vienna, Haus der Architektur|Napoleonstadl/Klagenfurt, Kunstverein/Salzburg
A recognition in Joseph Binder Award 2003 for spatial design. Exhibited at Adolf Loos Staatspreis Design

wer hat, hat's gut. 2003 'Moving Territories. Kunst - Öffentlichkeit - Neue Medien ' at Kronenstrasse, Stuttgart.

mib – 2003, Technisches Museum / Vienna
Exhibition design
Three-part series of exhibition on future concepts of mobility with contributions of students of the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Client section.a / Vienna. Grafic Design section.d / Vienna

antinonymus – 2002, Mega at k/haus / Vienna.
Collaboration with Eliav Brand and Michael Stauffer

air.bag – 2002
Prototype presentation system for children`s shoes

zoom - 2001-2003, Children's Museum, MuseumsQuartier / Vienna:

sitzschleife. design upholstery in the foyer
Start of planning January 2003. Completion March 2003
zoco. design pocket scanner in the foyer
Start of planning January 2002. Completion March 2002.
Client & Idea, development and software solution uma information technology. Vienna
design mediafurniture and soundlab. zoomlab
Start of planning March 2001. Completion August 2001. Freelance Mathias Reisigl.
Client & Idea, development and software solution uma information technology. Vienna

Softdisplay2001, Exhibition design for the room information heat at global tools. k/haus / Vienna.
Curators Tulga Beyerle and Vitus Weh. Freelance Mathias Reisigl. Structural Engineer Peter Bauer, Werkraum Wien
Support Martin Stattler, Franz Leuthner and schultes.wien

softsite – 2000, den fuss in der tür at k/haus / Vienna
Installation made of latex

Video - The clip is processing the conception of softsite.
Awarded a recognition in the Prizes for Experimental Tendencies in Architecture 2000

vagina-monologues - 2001 and 2002, kosmos frauen.raum / Vienna,
softsite on stage - Production theater company herzblut, Text Eve Ensler
In search of sensual interpretation herzblut is experimenting with well-known and new symbols and shapes of expression.
The actress is balancing on a slippery edge between provocative physical awareness and banality -
backed up by softsite, inside and outside of the installation.
She is crawling through it, lying on the thin skin, snuggling down in it.

can't tin - 1999 - 2000
Conversion of a factory canteen. Hall, Tyrol. Size of conversion 138 m2
Client Dolenz, wo&wo Grün GmbH. Assisted by Günter Schmidhofer. Structural Engeenier werkraum, Wien
for more information and pictures see: nextroom database

puls.ator – 1999, Cultural Dialogs at guessclub and Ringturm / Vienna
Installation | Setting
Collaboration Bernhard Brus and Helmut Rabel

bronx store - 1997
Showroom design
Client Paul Csuka. Location Neubaugasse / Vienna
Collaboration Bernhard Brus and Helmut Rabel


apron. without memory – 2002
Collaboration with rosa_mosa (Simone Springer / Yuji Mizobuchi)