Judith Augustinovic

In the many years of experience as Artist, Architect and Theoretician my interest on space has directed from the ability to be scheduled towards the lived space, thus the body as main player. Contemporaneously I developed a particular transdisciplinary method of questioning and dialoging issues and tasks, and in the course of the process bringing together opposite or/and unexpected features. Contradiction and ambivalence as guiding principle I combine with sensuality and sensitivity of formal expression and substantial choice, designating my language and design as hautnah.

The projects involved vary in scale and dimensions, ranging from interior, exhibition and furniture design to project and urban developement, expertises, teaching and theoretical explorations as well as artistic participations in exhibition, for stage and screenings.

Coordinator & Professor Curso de Pós-Graduação em Design de Interiores, IED Río de Janeiro
NEW _ Revalidação do diploma de doutorado no Brasil
Currículo Lattes

In progress skinship, an artistic research on Space, Body and Trans/Gender.
skinship on stage – a teatrical installation
skinship FourFemaleGenerations
... and sissi – doce de facto / Rio de Janeiro

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